Meadow’s Animal Healthcare loyalty points scheme

We are pleased to be running a loyalty points scheme for customers ordering through our online shop, where you can receive points towards a discount on a future online order with us.


Points from qualifying purchases are credited automatically to your account. You must therefore have set up an account on our shop – you won’t receive points on your account if you complete the checkout process as a guest and without logging-in.

If you have logged-in before completing the order, then points gained from the purchase will be displayed throughout the ordering process and are added to your account automatically within 24 hours of your order being dispatched from our warehouse.

Your account is linked to your email address, so each time you order please ensure you use the account linked to the same email address to avoid spreading your loyalty points across multiple accounts.

You may also be able to occasionally earn additional loyalty points through promotional offers. When applicable these will be added to your account within five working days of your qualifying purchase being dispatched.


You will receive one point for every pound you spend with us online in a single transaction. This includes all items, but excludes any delivery charges.

Points can only be earned for orders placed online.

Points are earned on the cost of the item after all discounts, including the redemption of previously earned loyalty points, have been removed - i.e. the final total amount paid for the order.


One point is worth the equivalent of a €0.10 discount. So spending €50, for example, will earn you the equivalent of €5-worth of points which can be used for a discount on a future order.


Points can be redeemed once you have 20 or more – so the minimum discount which can be applied to an order is €2.

Points from a purchase are added to your account once the order is dispatched, so any points which will be earned from the purchase in progress cannot be used on that same order.


The current number of loyalty points on your account, and the possible discount which you can apply to a future order, can be seen by logging-in to your account.

This is also displayed on the final part of the checkout process, on the screen when your payment option is selected.

When browsing the shop having logged-in, the number of points which will be earned if you purchase a specific item is displayed.


If you have sufficient points, then on the final screen during the checkout process (when you select your payment method) you will be given the option to redeem some, or all, of your points as a discount on your current order. You can reduce the amount of discount applied if you do not want to redeem the full amount available to you. If you wish you can complete the checkout without using your loyalty points for a discount on that order, and they can be saved on your account to use against a future order. Please note that points expire 12 months after they were earned.

Discounts using loyalty points are only available for orders placed online.


No, they can only be collected or used when placing an order through or (for orders in the UK).


Points earned expire 12 months after the most recent transaction made on the account on which points are earned. For example, if you order on 1st May 2022 then points earned on that transaction expire on 1st May 2023, but if you place a new order on 1st August 2022, then the points earned on both transactions (May and August) will expire on 1st August 2023.

Any loyalty points earned from the purchase of items which are returned, cancelled or refunded will be removed from your account.



Meadow's Animal Healthcare (MAH) reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the loyalty scheme at any time, and without warning, and can alter the scheme at any time, including these terms and conditions.
Loyalty points are awarded for orders placed online – either through or (for orders in the UK) – and not when ordering by any other method. MAH reserves the right to offer, or award, loyalty points in other circumstances, from time to time as it sees fit.
Loyalty points can only be redeemed against orders placed online – either through or (for orders in the UK). They cannot be redeemed by any other method.
Loyalty points cannot be transferred to another account, including between accounts on the UK and international shops, except in circumstances when MAH believes it to be appropriate, including if MAH recognises that an individual has unintentionally created two different accounts, and MAH may offer to merge the balance of these on to one account.

Points are earned on the total price paid for the items purchased. This includes VAT (if applicable), but excludes delivery charges, and is at the prices paid following any discounts or special offers, or after the redemption of loyalty points has been applied.
One point is earned for each whole pound spent on items. The scheme does not award fractions of points for parts of pounds spent. For example, spending €10.99 on an order earns 10 points as 10 full Euros were spent.
Points are not earned for items which are subsequently cancelled, returned or refunded, and points may be removed from accounts if they have already been added.
Points used as a discount on an order which is subsequently cancelled or returned in full will be reinstated on a customer’s account. This may require manual adjustment so please allow up to five working days for this to occur. Points are not refunded on partially cancelled or returned order, if the value of the discount used exceeds the balance on the purchase after any refunded/cancelled items are removed.
Redeeming one loyalty point results in a discount of €0.10 on that order.
Points can only be redeemed when the account balance is 20 points or higher.
The value of the discount applied is at the customer’s discretion – though cannot exceed the value of the order, or the number of points available on their account. It can be an exact amount, so the remaining points balance may be a decimal. Points can only be earned in whole numbers. The customer can opt not to use a discount available to them on a specific order if they so choose.
Points expire 12 months after they are added to the account, whether from the completion of an order, or an adjustment by MAH, unless a newer order is placed on the account, in which case they expire 12 months from the date of that newer transaction.
The loyalty scheme is for personal use only.
Loyalty points have no cash value, and can only be used to activate a discount when placing an order through the online shop.
Points can only be earned from the start of the loyalty point scheme on 18th September 2020, and will not be backdated to include any orders prior to the start of the scheme.
No points are issued in instances where the online shop has been used to facilitate the payment of outstanding invoices.
Points cannot be earned when purchasing gift cards or similar methods of credit.
MAH reserves the right to adjust the number of points on an account as required for any reason.

Updated: 23rd August 2022