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A new dietary supplement
for birds and animals

Bird Bread


A nutritionally complete diet that your birds will love

F10 Disinfectants

Keep your pets safe by cleaning with the F10 Disinfectant range

Certified Organic Products

Harrison's Bird Foods are Certified Organic

You are not feeding your bird any harmful pesticides, insecticides, preservatives or colourings

How our products can help you

Meadow's Animal Healthcare was established to provide you with the best products available to help maintain or improve the health of your pet.

Incorporating the subsidiary company of Harrison's Bird Foods - UK, Meadow's Animal Healthcare supplies only premium products, so you can be confident that whatever you purchase from us are items that we believe to be the best on the market.

Many of our products can be used as part of an overall regime to provide optimal care for pet birds as they meet  many of the fundamental needs for good aviculture. For more information please visit this page, where we have highlighted some of the products and their uses.

We strongly believe that the best person to advise you on specific issues relating to your pet is your usual veterinary surgeon as they know your pet and its medical history. The majority of the leading avian and exotic vets in the UK are familiar with our products and can hopefully advise you on how best you can use them to ensure the best care for your pets.

However, we are happy to help where we can, and welcome any enquiries by either phone, fax or e-mail regarding how you can best use our products, whether you are trying them for the first time, or have used them for many years. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have a couple of websites set up to try and give more information than that which exists within this shop. Hopefully you can find some of the answers on these sites: for Harrison's Bird Foods for more information on F10 Disinfection and Treatment products, and other items such as Arcadia lighting anf our range of hand feeding equipment. 

If there is any information you need that is not available on these sites then please get in touch.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we look forward to supplying you.


Our products and avian care

Avian vets recognise a few key aspects of avian care and Meadow's Animal Healthcare provides the best products available to enable you to do the best for the birds in your care.
These aspects are:
Health care
90% of avian disease is linked to malnutrition. Many diets contain food items of the wrong type, resulting in a lack of essential nutrients or, equally importantly, an excess of potentially harmful ones. Even offering a mix of foods can be flawed as many birds have the habit of buffet feeding, and will pick certain items from the bowl and not get the full range of foods necessary to get a nutritional balance.

This nutritional imbalance can cause minor ailments, but can also bring about fatal diseases. Birds fed on an inadequate diet may survive, but they certainly will not thrive.

Harrison's Bird Foods were developed by esteemed American avian veterinarian Greg Harrison to meet the needs of the modern educated bird owner who knows the importance of a formulated diet in preventing malnutrition and combating disease and death in companion birds.

Harrison's Bird Foods have been scientifically formulated to provide all the nutrients a bird needs. A seed only diet, for example, lacks 32 essential vitamins and minerals - Harrison's provides these with no need for additional supplementation. This means no need for powders or drops where the level of uptake by the bird may be random and/or unknown. Indeed, the natural vitamins and minerals in Harrison's are scientifically controlled at the optimal level for your bird's health and needs and the addition of further supplements will unbalance this and may be harmful.

Research has shown that many captive birds fed on a high quality formulated diet actually receive better nutrition than those in the wild. Studies into the diet of wild parrots was proving unsuccessful as the range of food eaten was so vast - and many of these foods were unavailable not only to owners, but to the researchers themselves - so the focus has instead been on the physiology of birds, and their nutritional requirements. This change in emphasis has enabled the creation of foods that meet a bird's needs and provide a better, more nutritionally balanced diet. As a result, assuming optimal husbandry (of which providing an appropriate diet is a large part), captive birds now live longer than their relatives in the wild. Put simply, feeding a scientifically formulated, balanced diet will improve the health and happiness of your bird.

So, why choose Harrison's over other brands? Chemical insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, artificial preservatives, colourings, sweeteners and flavourings can all be harmful to a bird's health. Harrison's diets contain none of these and are 100% organic. The ingredients are all premium whole grains, approved for human consumption and certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture.

We, and the majority of leading avian vets in the country, therefore believe that there is no better diet for your bird than Harrison's Bird Foods.
For more information go to
Ensuring that your bird is not exposed to potentially fatal pathogens is obviously of great importance. This requires the use of a disinfectant and cleaning product that is proven to kill all known types of pathogen.
But not only that, the product you use must not be harmful to the bird, nor should it damage the cage, toys etc.
F10 Disinfectants are scientifically proven to kill all known types of pathogen but also present no risk to you or your birds. It has been given a 'zero' hazard rating by the EU, is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-irritant, and yet kills all known types of pathogen including those that cause avian flu, MRSA, PBFD and many many more. It is so safe that you can use it to wash your bird's drinking bowl, wash its feathers - vets even use it for nebulisation.
It is available in a range of forms that cover all aspects of your hygiene routine. It comes as a basic disinfectant (F10SC) for washing their bowls and toys, with an added detergent (F10SCXD) for cleaning the cage and hard surfaces, as a range of hand decontaminants so that you do not pass anything on to the bird when you handle them (the F10 Gel, Soap, Scrub or Wipes), an Aerosol Fogger for disinfecting the air in your lounge or bird room - everything you need is covered and as it is a highly concentrated solution a little goes a long way, making it highly cost effective.
Don't put your birds at risk - make F10 part of your cleaning and disinfection biosecurity regime and be confident you are using the best that is available.
For more information go to
Providing adequate lighting is something which all avian vets believe is of great importance to the health of birds.
Domestic lighting, and sunlight that has passed through a window pane, does not contain the UV that birds require for good physical and mental health. The UV is needed for the efficient synthesis of vitamins and inadequate levels of UV can lead to bone disorders. It also affects the hormone levels in the body, which can affect the bird's mood and behaviour.
Also, as birds are able to see the UV part of light, an absence of UV adversely affects their vision which can suppress their appetite and general lower their mental wellbeing.
Arcadia Lighting is specifically designed to provide birds with the optimal levels of UV to stimulate the physiological process that they need for optimal health, as well as allowing optimal vision which will encourage good mental health.
Available as tube lighting or as a compact bulb, there is an option which will suit you whatever living arrangement your bird currently enjoys. The compact bulbs will fit regular lamps/light fittings or can be bought with a holder and reflector which will attach to the cage to increase the benefit of the emitted light.
For more information please go to and follow the link to the Arcadia section.