Harrison's Bird Foods availability

We are very sorry, but there are currently shortages of Harrison's Bird Foods in the UK. This is due to a delay to the incoming shipment of stock to us as UK distributors of the range, and is beyond our control as our incoming shipments have been severely delayed by the ongoing shipping crisis. Since its arrival in European waters (which was already delayed due to problems with the transatlantic network), our next delivery has been delayed by over six weeks whilst awaiting entry in to a UK port, due the extreme congestion, and most recently by the extreme weather which forced the closure of the ports for almost a week.

Update 28/2 - our shipment has reached the UK, and although it must still clear customs and be delivered to us, we are confident we will be able to restock on 1st March.

We apologise if the food you usually buy is not available, or not available in the size of bag or quantity you usually purchase. In most instances we are simply out of stock or are down to our final bags; in some instances we may be limiting the quantity which is available to stop any one individual from having more than they require at this time. We hope that this will help to ensure that as many people as possible can feed their bird its usual diet. We would ask that even though we have taken this action, you also try to keep your purchase to the minimum, and don't purchase more than you need for the next few weeks.

If the food you usually feed to your bird is not available, then please note that the nutritional content of the products within the High Potency range are very similar; likewise the products in the Adult Lifetime range are very similar. If you therefore were to feed the same diet type, but in a different size of piece, then your bird will get the same levels of nutrition. We have larger quantities of some items than others, so there may be a food you can substitute (either completely or partly) for their usual food, for example Adult Lifetime Fine or Pepper Lifetime Coarse could be fed to birds which usually eat an Adult Lifetime diet.

If you usually feed your bird a High Potency food then as a short-term option you could feed an Adult Lifetime food, and offer a few nuts or good quality, organic seeds to slightly increase the fat and calorie content of the diet.

A further alternative is to make your bird some Harrison's Bird Bread. These also provide a balance of essential nutrients, and as they are made from similar ingredients as the nuggets they are usually readily accepted by birds on a Harrison's diet. We are currently out of stock of the Original flavour, but the Millet & Flax, Hot Pepper, and Omega varieties are all available in good quantities. 

We hope that in the time before we have full stock available you are able to make any adjustments to your bird's meals so they can continue receive a good, healthy diet.

Thank you for your understanding and your support of Harrison's Bird Foods, and we apologise again for the inconvenience.

Updated: 16th February 2022