Harrison's Bird Foods availability

We are very sorry, but there are currently shortages of Harrison's Bird Foods in the UK. This is due to a delay in the shipment of stock to us as UK distributors of the range, caused by the ongoing global shipping crisis, and also affected more generally by the impact on manufacturing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We apologise if the food you usually buy is not available, or not available in the quantity you usually purchase. In some instances we may simply be out of stock; in others we may be limiting the quantity which is available to stop any one individual from having more than they require at this time. We hope that this will help to ensure that as many people as possible can feed their bird its usual diet. We would ask that even though we have taken this action, you also try to keep your purchase to the minimum, and don't purchase more than you need for the next few weeks.

If the food you usually feed to your bird is not available, then please note the following:

We hope that we will have full stock again before the end of November, and that in the time before that you are able to make any adjustments to your bird's meals so they can continue receive a good, healthy diet.

Thank you for your understanding and your support of Harrison's Bird Foods, and we apologise again for the inconvenience.

Updated: 25th October 2021