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A new dietary supplement
for birds and animals

Bird Bread


A nutritionally complete diet that your birds will love

F10 Disinfectants

Keep your pets safe by cleaning with the F10 Disinfectant range

Certified Organic Products

Harrison's Bird Foods are Certified Organic

You are not feeding your bird any harmful pesticides, insecticides, preservatives or colourings

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High Potency CoarseHigh Potency Coarse
From: €11.50
Adult Lifetime CoarseAdult Lifetime Coarse
From: €10.35
Pepper Lifetime CoarsePepper Lifetime Coarse
From: €10.35
High Potency FineHigh Potency Fine
From: €11.50
Adult Lifetime FineAdult Lifetime Fine
From: €10.35
High Potency SuperFineHigh Potency SuperFine
From: €11.50
Adult Lifetime SuperFineAdult Lifetime SuperFine
From: €10.35
Recovery FormulaRecovery Formula
From: €8.05
Power Treats* 454gPower Treats* 454g
Neonate Formula 350gNeonate Formula 350g
Bird Bread Mix - Millet and Flax 257g*Bird Bread Mix - Millet and Flax 257g*
Bird Bread Mix - Original 255g*Bird Bread Mix - Original 255g*
Bird Bread Mix - Hot Pepper 255g*Bird Bread Mix - Hot Pepper 255g*
Bird Bread Mix - Omega 323g*Bird Bread Mix - Omega 323g*
Fauna Flora 56gFauna Flora 56g
Juvenile FormulaJuvenile Formula
From: €13.90
Adult Lifetime Mash 454gAdult Lifetime Mash 454g
High Potency Mash 454gHigh Potency Mash 454g