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A new dietary supplement
for birds and animals

Bird Bread


A nutritionally complete diet that your birds will love

F10 Disinfectants

Keep your pets safe by cleaning with the F10 Disinfectant range

Certified Organic Products

Harrison's Bird Foods are Certified Organic

You are not feeding your bird any harmful pesticides, insecticides, preservatives or colourings

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Harrison's Bird FoodsHarrison's Bird Foods
Harrison's Bird Foods are nutritionally complete diets for pet birds, scientifically formulated to provide all the nutrition they require. They are certified organic, so contain no artificial ingredients that have been shown to adversely affect the health of birds.

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The F10 product range is used in many of the world's leading veterinary hospitals and is widely recognised as being the most effective means to keep you, and the animals in you care, safe from disease.

The range contains products for general disinfection, skin decontamination and also products which carry a license for treatment.
Hand-feeding Food & EquipmentHand-feeding Food & Equipment
A range of nutritionally complete hand feeding foods for neonate, juvenile or debilitated birds, and the equipment needed by both the experienced and novice hand-feeder
Avian LightingAvian Lighting
The optimal lighting for ensuring the continued good mental and physical health of your birds
Additional ItemsAdditional Items
Equipment, Books, Bird Care Sprays & Palmgloss