F10 Hand Gel


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F10® Hand Gel is a broad-spectrum water-less skin decontaminant. Effective against bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens including enveloped viruses such as coronavirus.

Use on the hands for skin decontamination when a washbasin is unavailable or frequent use ‘on the go’.

Available in 500ml bottle with dispensing pump and 5 litre refills.


  • Fast acting water-less antimicrobial agent ideal for rapid hand disinfection.
  • Based on the F10® core actives it is broad-spectrum and does not need to contain high levels of alcohol to kill viruses.
  • Higher emollient levels and lower alcohol content than most hand gels therefore making it kinder to the skin, even with frequent use.
  • Long-lasting residual protection.


  • Apply 1ml to the hands and rub over all the skin surfaces.
  • Allow to air dry.
  • The application can be repeated as often as necessary.


All F10 Hand Decontaminants are:

  • formulated around the F10 key actives which are effective against bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens, including coronavirus in an independent test
  • enriched with emollients to prevent hands drying out and enable frequent use
  • graded 'zero' for dermal irritation

All are therefore suitable for any hand sanitisation, but key distinguishing features are:

See here for technical information on the F10® product range and for the attributes of F10® Core Actives.

These products are developed by Health and Hygiene in South Africa. Please visit their website for further product details.

Recycling symbol Almost all plastic elements used in the packaging of F10® products are made from HDPE 2 materials and are widely recycled. This includes the bottles, caps, pumps, sprays, tubes and tubs.