BSAVA Manual of Avian Practice



Editors: John Chitty and Deborah Monks

Authored by vets with experience in all aspects of avian care, this manual is an essential tool for those in general practice who do not often see birds.

Subjects including anatomy and physiology, husbandry, behaviour, examination, surgical techniques are covered in detail; common presentations are also dealt with in individual chapters.

  • Includes quick reference guides
  • Informative and detailed appendices
  • Clinical signs-based section, exploring particular conditions in detail


Species guide; Anatomy and physiology; Husbandry; Reproduction; Behaviour; Nutrition; The bird-friendly practice; Reception guide for the general practice; Handling and transporting birds; History taking and examination; Hospitalization and critical care; Sample taking and basic clinical pathology; Euthanasia: grief and bereavement; Post-mortem examination; Basic techniques; Basic anaesthesia; Basic surgery; Basic radiography; Infectious diseases; Upper respiratory disease; Lower respiratory tract disease; The sick bird; An approach to abnormal or loose droppings; Egg retention; Cloacal, uterine and rectal prolapse; Vomiting and regurgitating bird; Thin bird; Traumatic wing and leg injuries; Feather loss; Sick baby bird; Weakness and seizures

ISBN: 9781905319817
Publisher: British Small Animal Veterinary Association
Pub. date: 11 April 2018
Edited by: John Chitty & Deborah Monks
Paperback: 472 pages
Dimensions: 29.7 x 20.8 x 2.0 cm