Arcadia PureSun-Mini


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Sorry, this item is out of stock

These come fitted with a  2-pin European plug

‘PureSun-Mini, bringing full-Spectrum + UV-B Bird lighting into the modern day’

The Arcadia Bird ‘PureSun-Mini’ complete lighting system is an easy to use, modern and attractive UVA and UVB enhanced full-spectrum lighting kit.>

PureSun-Mini has been designed for use with small to medium species of pet birds kept in the home (such as budgies, canaries, finches, lovebirds, cockatiels and many more). This attractive kit not only enhances your birds’ natural colours, but provides the health promoting UV-B wavelengths filtered out by conventional glass windows. UV-B is essential for efficient vitamin D metabolism and the production of ‘serotonin’ the feel-good hormone helping to make a more contented bird.

The Arcadia Bird PureSun-Mini lighting kit has been designed to be effective and simple to use. PureSun-Mini is complete with all that you need to get going from day one including the Arcadia Bird 8w Full-spectrum + UV-B (2.4%) bird lamp which is guaranteed to be UV potent for 12 whole months of use (up to 12 hours a day).

The Arcadia Bird PureSun-Mini lighting kit has been designed for single cage use or adapted for multiple cage use, such as in a breeding facility, where full spectrum light has been shown to enhance breeding activity.

PureSun-Mini is a complete kit including: Flicker free electronics, German made 8 watt linear Arcadia Bird lamp 2.4% UV-B, Highly polished UK Made acrylic bracket and fittings kit.

  • Safe, effective and easy to use
  • Provides health promoting UV-A and UV-B
  • Allows birds to make their own D3
  • Good colour vision
  • Inspires singing in songbirds
  • Better reproduction
  • Complete kit
  • Linking cable available - if you have more than one cage you can power one kit from another without having to find extra wall sockets)