Arcadia Compact Lighting Kit (includes lamp)


Includes the Compact Lighting Kit and an Arcadia Compact Bird Lamp.

Buying both items in this way saves over 10% off the recommended retail price.


  • Can be fitted inside a vivarium or placed over a mesh top vivarium or bolted securely onto a bird cage
  • Universal ceramic E27 fitting (therefore compatible with any Arcadia screw fitting lamp)
  • Directional light with multiple angles (as shown in this picture)
  • Switch on the cable
  • Removable safety mesh
  • High performance aluminium reflector
  • Sturdy aluminum housing

The Arcadia Compact Bird Lamp produces light of the same spectrum, and same UV content, as the fluorescent tube form of the bird lamp, and so it offers all the same benefits to the health and well-being of the birds:

  • Produces excellent natural colours and iridescence
  • The optimal UVA and UVB output for avian use
  • Improves feeding and breeding behaviour

When a linear fluorescent tube is lit using a standard magnetic ballast, the light is actually not constant, but is pulsing at a high frequency that we cannot detect, but that birds can.

Although there is no evidence that we are aware of that this harmful to birds, many bird-keepers have expressed concerns about this "flicker effect", some likening it to a disco strobe light.

In the case of the Compact bird lamp, such concerns are unnecessary, as the light produced is constant, and the birds cannot detect any flicker.

This energy saving lamp runs at 20Watts, but actually has an output equivalent to a regular 100W bulb.

Available with either a UK 3-pin or a European 2-pin plug.

See our further information on the importance of lighting to your bird's health